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All you ever wanted to know about Prolink Central.

WHAT IS PROLINK CENTRAL? Please see this brief video clip

History of Prolink Central

The Prolink Central concept was created by its founder Brett Yeatman when he immigrated to Tauranga,New Zealand in 2001. Arriving in a new country was pretty daunting and with his new roll in special projects, needed to develop a contact database from scratch. After visiting a number of networking groups he could not find anything that ticked all the boxes. He decided to put together his first master mind group with a couple of professionals that he had met and Prolink was launched.
When originally started, Prolink had a strong property focus but as other teams started across the city a broader professional membership developed.
The original idea in a nutshell, is to bring a group of up to 30 like minded people together to meet for a structured one hour to share ideas, offer support and pass around referrals. As it grew using centrally located Cafés a tag line 'Building Bridges' formed.

Always taking the view of 'People First' we have listened to the market to find out what the real needs were. Catering for almost everyone, we now meet on different days and times of the week. With each leadership team having the liberty to choose their own frequency of meetings, focus, agenda and numbers. This has created ownership and strong loyalty amongst the members and Prolink.

How it works

When a leader is identified we assist them to identify a core focus first. They can then build up a team around this core focus where Trust is the most valuable commodity. To have Trust you need relationship, and to have relationship you need to invest time, effort and imagination. When we hear people say 'Prolink is not really working for me' the truth is they are not putting the effort into Prolink. It works just like a gym. You need to get onto the machines and work them if you want to see the results.

As Prolink has developed we have continually reduced the annual membership and increased the benefits. Everyone loves a good deal. The main benefits are developing strong relationships with like minded people, referrals, alliance partnerships, education, information, personal growth, friendship, group discounts, business profile, personal profile, and building your database.

We are a limited liability marketing company and receive no assistance from the government. Being independent allows us to lobby effectively without having the fear of loosing our financial support.

Most of the business created is between members, but as the website develops there will be more exposure of our member's products and services to the general public.

So if Prolink Central appeals to you contact us on and we will endeavour to find a suitable team for you in your local area. If not, l have good news for you! You may be our next Team Leader!

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