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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Who is Prolink Central ?
A. Prolink is a limited liability company that provides effective business solutions for individuals, businesses and community organisations.

Q. What is Prolink Central ?
A. There are many benefits of word-of-mouth referrals and how they can improve your business. Prolink is more than a referral marketing company. It also provides effective business solutions and education by developing positive relationships with like-minded professionals. You will also benefit from high quality, business-related referrals and personal development. The strength of Prolink is in the complimentary, rather than competitive, relationships built and the referrals that are passed on to each other. By getting to know each other on a business level, a mutual trust and respect develops. As a result, members act as a sales force for each other by promoting each others' businesses.

Q. What are the benefits of Prolink ?
A. The benefits of joining Prolink are too numerous to list. However, here is a selection provided by members themselves:
- Business growth that is enhanced by the giving and receiving of high quality, genuine referrals.
- Members experience personal growth by stepping outside their comfort zone.
- Members benefit from leverage gained from developing strategic alliances.
- The transfer of intellectual property between members provides a valuable edge over the competition.
- With all the positive relationships in place, your personal and professional profile is dramatically increased.
- Your business will be listed as part of Prolink's Internet driven directory and will become an important part of your business marketing strategy.
- The directory will become a valuable tool when providing support to fellow professionals in other industries or areas of business.
- The professional relationships and mutual, professional support.
- Increased buying power from Prolink negotiating with suppliers and members being supplied with their very own Loyalty card.
- Unlimited tips and tools provided by Prolink's Business Mentors, through our education programs and seminars.
- Business card racks in our official Prolink approved cafes create unique business information centres.

Q. How is Prolink different to any other business networking options ?
A. Numerous organisations and networking groups were researched in order to create the Prolink point of difference which now provides a unique experience for the following reasons:
- It is not run by an old boys' network.
- Although we do have structure in our agendas we do give freedom to the Team Coordinators to bring in their own style.
- We are open to new ideas to improve the experience.
- We are privately owned and do not receive any support or subsidies from government. We can therefore effectively lobby on behalf of our members.
- Our official Prolink Approved Cafes have designated meeting rooms for our members.

Q. What if I cannot afford the membership ?
A. The question should be 'Can i afford not to be part of Prolink?' We do offer grants to genuine cases, so talk to your Team Coordinator about this opportunity.

Q. So, what else do I receive for my investment in Prolink ?
A. Included in the membership:
- Access to a business team of up to twenty like-minded business professionals if you are a Business Member and monthly After Fives if you are a Local member. - Regular emails from your Team Coordinator.
- A calendar of weekly, monthly and annual events.
- Opportunities to attend other Prolink team meetings.
- Opportunities to be the guest speaker for other teams.
- Further opportunities for you to spend quality time, not only with your team but get together with other teams building inter-team relationships. Just contact the Team Coordinator from each team to get an official invite.
- Inclusion of your business in the Members Directory on the website.
- The opportunity to have a webpage profiling you and your business with a link to your own website.
- The opportunity to attend a members training Seminar, giving valuable information about Prolink, its management team; its regular and forthcoming events; tips and tools on how to get the most out of networking opportunities and how to maximise the ability to give and receive quality, sales generating referrals.

Q. I'm still struggling to see the value of Prolink ?
A. Prolink is a business providing good value for your investment. If you are still unsure, scroll down and view our Members' Directory. Contact any of our existing members direct for their independent feedback.

Q. What if I'm too busy for Networking ?
A. Prolink is full of busy people, however being part of Prolink saves time as members can find the product or service they require quickly and have the confidence that they will not be let down.

Q. Why is the team I visited so small ?
A. It is probably still in the growing stage. This is a great time to join the team as you then become a core part of the group and can have more influence on the direction of the team. Once a member, you are very welcome to visit another, more established team, to get the idea of how your team will look. We have teams that have been meeting since 2004.

Q. How are the meetings run?
A. Your Team Coordinator decides on the day and time. Remember, if you are part of the core of a newly-established team, you may even have an influence over this decision. The agenda, however, follows two set formats so the meetings don't get stale or monotonous.
First Format
- Each meeting starts at either 7.00am for a breakfast meeting, 12.00pm for a lunch meeting or 3-45pm for a before 5 meeting.
- In the established teams the Facilitator opens the meeting and welcomes visitors.
- The Team Coordinator completes the housekeeping by recording referrals apologies and visitors. In a new team the Coordinator will probably do everything.
- The Facilitator takes the team through the one minute profiles, assisted by the the Time Keeper. Members give their names, describe their business, provide a brief mention of what's happening in their industry and then finish off by asking for referrals. If required, assistance is provided in developing your speech through our training seminars.
- The guest speaker then completes a 15 minute presentation promoting their business or industry to their team members and visitors.
- The presentation is then followed by a 15 minute Q&A/think tank. The Time Keeper is to keep track of the time. If the Time Keeper is absent, then the Facilitator is to appoint a member to take up this role in their absence.
- The Facilitator then closes the meeting and the formal part of the meeting is wrapped up. Every breakfast meeting closes by 8.15am, lunch meetings by 1.15pm and the before 5 by 5.00pm.
- Make the time to network before and after the meetings. The more effort you make in 'Building Bridges' the more you and your business will grow.
The second format
- The Facilitator opens the meeting and welcomes visitors.
- The Team Coordinator completes the housekeeping by recording referrals, apologies and visitors.
- The Time Keeper does the card swap for the next month. The members can be paired up for the month and it is up to them to get to know each other's businesses so that they can be more effective in referring to them.
- The Facilitator then looks at how much time is left and divides it by how many members are present. Each member then has the opportunity to bring their fellow members up to speed on where they are in their business. They then leave the bulk of their time slot to talk about who they met over the past month and what they found out about their business.
- The Time Keeper keeps track of the time allocated for each member and also makes sure the meeting closes on time.
- The Facilitator then thanks every one for their input and officially closes the meeting.

Q. How do I join?
A. An application form is included at the end of this document. Please read all the other sections in the Visitors Info then fill out the application form and hand it to your Team Coordinator. Our Administrator will then be in touch to discuss payment options. Should you have any other queries, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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