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Membership Categories

These define the various relationships that we have with our members:

Social Member

If you do not want to join a Business or a Local Team then we have a Social Member option which is complimentary. You obviously do not get the benefits of Business or Local Members but you do get a loyalty card and will be invited to the Business Expo's.

Community Member

This membership is reserved for approved community groups and organizations that provide various support services to the community - usually charities.

Local Member

Should you find that a fortnightly meeting is too much of a commitment for you, there is an option to become a Local Member. Every month an After Five is organised for you to attend. You will be able to profile your personal bio and core competencies to appear on the Network Pages. Should this membership suit you there is an application form at the end of this section.

Business Member

Initially, as a visitor you will need to register with the Team Coordinator. Once they have your details for the team directory they will give you a Prolink Loyalty Card. This will give you a Business Membership which is valid for 3 months from the date of your first meeting. Over this period you will experience the benefits of belonging to this vibrant Business Network.

We don't believe in a hard sell and we don't manipulate people into joining quickly. For some reason if you don't decide to become a Business Member you keep your Prolink Loyalty card and become a Social Member. This excludes a listing on the Prolink Business Directory but does entitle you to enjoy the discounts of the Loyalty Card and attend Business Expo's. Should you decide to join Prolink you receive the following as a Business Member:
* Join a business team of up to twenty like minded business professionals.
* Listing on Team directory
* Listing on Business Directory
* Prolink Loyalty Card
* Card into the Business Centre Card Rack
* Opportunities to attend all Seminars, Workshops, After Fives and Expos.
* Can nominate a second Business Member who will get a discounted membership, will also be displayed on your Business profile page, as well as receives a loyalty card.

Hospitality Member

These are business members that have partnered with Prolink Central and host the Business & Local After Five meetings in their cafes.

Loyalty Partner

Prolink has developed the concept of a Loyalty Card with companies that are willing to offer our members a product or a service at a discounted rate. These members have a product or a service that our membership use. They will then join the Loyalty Card Network and offer members a loyalty discount.

Alliance Partner

These are companies listed on our website, card rack, stationery and sponsor After Five events. They are also part of the Loyalty Card Network and offer members a loyalty discount.

Prolink Central Alliance Partners