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Membership Details

Prolink has an annual Business Membership of $240-00 (plus GST) and an annual Local Membership of $120-00 (plus GST) paid at the beginning of your membership year. Should you wish to pay monthly or 6 monthly then please contact us to make the necessary arrangements. When a member joins during the year that becomes the aniversary of their membership year. To ensure all member profiles are completed and thus maximising your membership benefits, we charge $120.00 (plus GST) to complete these for you. If you complete the profiles yourself (within a month of joining) - including photo and business logo we will waive this charge.

We require our membership fees to be paid within 7 days of receiving your invoice. You will be notified well in advance when the renewal is due. Prospective members are gifted a complimentary gift voucher which enables them to visit a Prolink business team for a period of three months or a local After Five Team for 3 months before deciding to join.

Prospective members are required to fill out the application form and pass it to the Team Coordinator. After their complimentary membership expires the Administration Team will contact you to see if you would like to become a full Business or Local Member.

The Administration Team will contact you with regards to payment. Once they have received and processed your payment, they will send a receipt for your records. Each member is allowed up to two listings, one in the Networking Directory and one in the Business Directory. Each Business and Local Member has the opportunity to nominate a reserve member who will receive a discounted membership and have full Business Membership appear in the directory on your profile page and hold their own loyalty card. New members are entitled to attend a New Members' Seminar which are held when required. Prolink aims to establish business networks in every community throughout New Zealand with professionals who see the benefit of referral business and positive relationships. Prolink reserves the right to have more than one team in each community. Prolink has developed marketing compendiums and plastic card holders. If you require any of these you can go to our nominated supplier and purchase directly from them. These items are not included in your membership and require separate payment.

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