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General Policies

Usually, only one person from each profession is allowed per business team. Any conflict is to be resolved by the leadership team.

The Prolink fortnightly meetings last for one hour. We would appreciate members being punctual and to leave only when the meeting has been closed.

We only allow team members to belong to one Prolink team at a time, unless approved in writing by the Prolink management team. Business Members can automatically join one of the local After Five teams at no extra cost.

Consistency of attendance in the business teams is critical, and should a member be away, it would be appreciated if they organise a substitute. If you expect full attendance for your presentation, it is only fair for you to be present when another team member promotes their business. If you are a sole operator, you are welcome to invite a client to go in your place. If they are a satisfied customer of yours and express positive opinions of you, this will increase your credibility in your team. Also if they are in business, then it is an opportunity for them to see benefits of becoming a member themselves.

If a member is absent due to medical or family reasons, it is advisable that someone else attend on their behalf as this will maintain your profile. Please ensure your membership is fully paid up, although it can be put on hold if absolutely necessary.

Everybody appreciates it if team members bring in genuine referrals.

The business leadership team must be made aware of any potential conflict arising from visitors or new members. If there are no complaints, the leadership team assumes there is full consent from the entire team. In the local After Five teams there is no limits to what professions attend.

Should a business team member decide to change profession, the Team Coordinator must be notified in writing.

A regional board meets quarterly and comprises of the CEO, Regional Coordinator and Administrator.

Should any changes be made to the Prolink regional board, each leadership team will be notified in writing and in turn notify their respective teams.

Until an official leadership team has been created in a new team, the Team Coordinator will take on the decision making role.

Prolink management is open-minded about a member being part of a similar referral organisation, as that should indicate that they are normally great net-workers. Should that member be inconsistent in attendance or show a lack of interest in the business team, the leadership will decide their future with Prolink.

Prolink has the right to investigate a team member should their actions bring Prolink's name into disrepute.

After the first full year's membership in a business team, performance will be reviewed by the leadership. Should attendance, referrals and general information contribution be unacceptable, the leadership team has the right to approve their future membership.

Abusers of the membership database will be removed from Prolink immediately.

Prolink is a Business Network and is not a forum for members to promote any religious belief. Any occupation, workshop or seminar will be assessed by Prolink management to determine their agenda, and reserve the right to turn down or terminate their membership. This might seem harsh but with the way the world is, we would like Prolink to be seen as being neutral and a safe place to develop your business.

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