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Privacy Act - consent & disclosure

By registering on the prolink website and/or signing the membership application you hereby consent to the use and disclosure of all information in relation to our organisation and its business activities obtained by PROLINK CENTRAL LTD by way of this application or by any lawful means for the purpose of Prolink Central developing and promoting business both nationally and internationally, including the dissemination of such information to Prolink Central's membership.
Such information will be held on our computer servers and at our Head Office. At any time you may request access to such information which will be provided within twenty working days, unless urgency is requested. You may also request such information to be corrected.

I/We acknowledge such information is provided by me/us on a voluntary basis. I/We further acknowledge that I/we will contact Prolink Central's Administrator if I/we choose not to provide certain information, as otherwise this application may be declined and should I wish that my company/business details not be included in the website's Membership Directory, I will contact Prolink.

Prolink Central is aware that the database of users and businesses, that it collects and maintains on behalf of members, is a valuable resource. While Prolink Central will use this database to obtain business benefit for its members (i.e. loyalty card), it will not sell or otherwise make available the database to any unrelated party.

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