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Welcome to Prolink Central.

The Visitors Info section is an introduction to the Prolink Business & Community Network and will help you get a better understanding of how we operate.

Successful businesses are very mindful of the fact that they are an integral part of the community in which they operate. They also value and take very good care of their reputation. All the dollars spent marketing your business are wasted if your reputation in the market place is negative. This is why there is a huge effort spent by many on gaining loyal clients and customers and ultimately leading to productive referral business.

One of the many advantages of joining Prolink Central is the positive relationships you will develop within your team of like‐minded professionals. You have the opportunity to profile your business to individuals and companies complementary to yours. In the Business Teams you receive current information and enjoy the shared knowledge from discussions within your team helping you to stay ahead of your competitors.

Community organizations are able to expose their niche and purpose and actively gain support from local business groups that also operate in their area.Over the years we have developed various membership options.

Being a reliable member of your team is vital. Consistent attendance at your fortnightly or monthly meetings nurtures the process of referrals from your team members as they learn more about you. Business is done with people who you like, know and trust.

Like most of life, we get returns based upon what we put into it. Prolink Central is no different, we aim to provide support, ideas, current market place information and encouragement. If we aim to out‐give each other, Prolink Central will continue to be the vibrant and friendly business & community organization it has become.

Membership Value of Prolink Central
* Loyalty Card
* Business Centres – Business Card Directories at your local meeting place
* Members subscribe to and agree to abide by a code of ethics
* Organized business show-casing events
* Regular business team gatherings – providing opportunities to:
   - get other's views of the market pulse,
   - talk about and promote my business,
   - develop relationships with like minded business folk,
   - have the opportunity to hear guest speakers
   - give and gain referrals,
   - pose business questions and gain wider perspectives, ideas and input from other business folk
* Profile opportunities on the Prolink Central website
   - personal profiles
   - business profiles
   - community organization profiles
   - ability to search for certain business types, business skills, trades, professions
   - helpful business tips
   - business and community news
     = business and community calendar / events
     = listing of business opportunities

Over the years we have developed various membership options. Our Business Membership enables you to join a team of up to twenty like minded professionals that meet on a fortnightly basis. If your schedule does not enable you to do this we have a monthly After Five option under the banner of a Local Member. If you are not in business but would like one of our loyalty cards, then we have created a Social Member status. We have included a section on FAQs, our administrative policies and our contact information. You should notice our point of difference to other networking options as you read through these pages.

Our ability to provide a high level of service through effective networking, business growth through quality referrals, business education and positive reinforcement, is made possible by the membership fees paid by our members. Our commitment is to continually improve our facilities and services, which are there for you to benefit from.

An 'Application Form' can be downloaded at the end of this 'Visitor Info' section. Once again, thank you for your interest in Prolink and should you wish to come on board, please speak to your Team or Local Coordinator. Should you require more information then please contact us.

For details on our services, upcoming events, local news and announcements, click on the appropriate tabs.

We look forward to hearing from you.


Yours faithfully


Brett Yeatman

Prolink Central - New Zealand

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